We’ve seen it all… a homeowner returning from a long work trip only to find a water leak that caused mold to grow throughout the home, flood damage that leaves a commercial building dangerous for people, slow leak from a burst dish washer pipe…

Water damage and the mold that follows shortly after is dangerous and a pain to get a handle on. We can help by testing your home for mold or other environmental concerns and advise you on how to remediate and manage the situation from then forward.

In one case, we were called out to a house where the sprinkler system in the yard had penetrated the home’s walls while the owner was traveling.

Syntech was called to perform a scope of work for remediation in order to get the home back to normal. Our team was onsite within 3 hours and provided a full scope of work for the contractor to get the work started within 24 hours.

It took the contractor a full week to remove mold that had grown throughout the entire 3,000+ square foot home.

We then went back out and did final remediation testing to verify the mold was gone off the building materials and out of the air itself. Once we did the sampling we gave the contractor clearance to get the home back to normal.

At Syntech we provide comprehensive individualized services ranging from proactive building surveys that identify possible problems before they occur, to reactive investigations, to ongoing compliance programs.

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