Mold and other pathogens can grow in hidden places like in walls, under floors, etc. If you smell a musty or strange odor in your home or business, let us test for you to ensure you’re safe.

Syntech provides an array of testing, remediation plans, and advice including mold, asbestos, lead paint, avian pathogens, illicit drug residue, radon gas, sewage testing, silica monitoring, soot testing, and more to ensure your building is safe.

Recently, a residential customer called us after smelling a musty odor in her second floor. Our team arrived, ran tests and found mold had been growing in the walls.

We were able to recommend a remediation specialist, then do post-removal testing and get the customer on the road to a clean home with peace of mind.

At Syntech we provide comprehensive individualized services ranging from proactive building surveys that identify possible problems before they occur, to reactive investigations, to ongoing compliance programs.

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