Syntech Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) professionals can survey your home or business, recommend appropriate testing, provide analysis and identify the contaminant and source of mold, fungi, bacteria, bioaerosols, endotoxins, mycotoxins, indoor allergens, or other contaminations.

Syntech’s team has developed programs and technology to assist in identifying and solving IAQ issues and to identify potential problems before building occupants are affected. Syntech’s proactive solution-driven specialty programs include:

  • Investigative Surveys
  • Air and Bulk Sampling
  • Assessment Services
  • Planned IAQ Management Designs
  • Remediation Design
  • Remediation Oversight/Project Management
  • Post-Remediation Sampling

Investigative Surveys

Investigative surveys are your best option when you are aware of complaints arising from odors, irritants, allergens, thermal discomfort, disease clusters, or visual indicators such as mold growth or excessive dust. Many signs of unacceptable IAQ appear with little warning, while others are chronic.

Surveys should be conducted to identify contributing conditions only after the occupant concerns are understood. Syntech’s trained professionals understand strategies and have experience in addressing group and community concerns. Syntech’s established approach can identify IAQ problems and provide effective solutions for attaining satisfactory indoor air quality for building occupants.

Assessment Services

Mold particularly thrives on wet cellulose materials, such as paper, cardboard, acoustical ceiling tiles, drywall and wood. The health effects vary widely among individuals. Exposure to molds can cause a variety of health effects, including allergic reactions and diseases such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and Legionaries Disease. Moist surfaces from sources such as water damage, leaking roofs, construction design defects or water damaged building materials, provide optimum conditions for growth.

Remediation Design & Management

Syntech provides complete mold abatement design and management services. Following the remediation design, Syntech obtains bids from local, experienced and fully qualified contractors to complete the work. We also monitor the work during the remediation to ensure all mold is removed and the areas are restored to the original condition.

Prevention & Training Programs

We consistently works with property owners and managers to develop mold prevention programs and provide mold training to their employees on how to identify and respond to water intrusion and moisture problems in a timely manner. The training also covers the personal protective equipment and procedures to be followed to control mold in buildings.

At Syntech we provide comprehensive individualized services ranging from proactive building surveys that identify possible problems before they occur, to reactive investigations, to ongoing compliance programs.

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