Syntech Environmental performs, lead based paint investigations, risk assessments, abatement oversight, air monitoring and final clearance testing.

Syntech’s proactive solution-driven specialty programs include:

  • Investigative Surveys
  • Air, Surface and Bulk Sampling
  • Assessment Services
  • Renovation/Remediation Design
  • Remediation Design
  • Renovation/Remediation Oversight/Project Management
  • Post-Remediation Sampling

Investigative Surveys

Investigative surveys are your best option when there are concerns about lead based paint. Surveys should be conducted to identify contributing conditions only after the occupant concerns are understood.

Syntech’s trained professionals understand strategies and have experience in addressing group and community concerns. Syntech’s established approach can identify lead based paint hazards. The best way for detecting where paint is being left in place is to do nondestructive testing using the XRF Lead Analyzer. We can also pull bulk samples if the paint is being disturbed.

Risk Assessments

A risk assessment takes a lead inspection one step further used to determine the location, type and severity of lead based paint hazards. These hazards are included in paint, dust and soil. Once lead based paint is found we are able to provide suggested ways to control them by renovation or remediation. Risk assessments are commonly done when we are trying to determine sources of current exposures and designing solutions for these exposures.

Renovation/Remediation Design & Management

Syntech provides different ways to handle the lead based paint hazards that meet our client goals, the locations of the hazards, future plans for the property and cost. The main technologies that are considered when taking care of the hazards are encapsulation, hand scraping or chemical stripping.

When making plans these factors are considered:

  • Client preferences
  • Substrate
  • Condition of materials
  • Facility location
  • Type of facility (housing, child care, commercial buildings)
  • Budgets

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